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A new partnership helps lower the cost of care

A new LifeWise partner is helping to ease the cost of care. See how Rx Savings Solutions helps raise transparency and lower drug prices.
January 18, 2024   |   2 minute read
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Providers are frequently unaware of the exact prescription costs for the drugs they prescribe to their patients. That can lead to surprises at the pharmacy counter. 

In 2023, as part of our ongoing mission to improve patient outcomes while reducing the costs of healthcare for our members, LifeWise established a new partnership with Rx Savings Solutions. 

With RX Savings Solutions, LifeWise members now enjoy more pricing transparency along with insight and guidance that can help save money and improve health outcomes. 

How it works

Rx Savings Solutions layers clinical software on top of your existing health insurance and drug benefits. The software program analyzes claims, formularies, plan designs, and networks to find lower-cost prescription drug options that are covered by your plan.

Savings opportunities

Clinical recommendations, such as therapeutic alternatives, dosage form changes, or generic substitutions and clones, result in nearly 70 percent of the savings opportunities. 

Proactive notifications are sent to you when there’s a more affordable and equally effective prescription drug option. You are empowered to make the best decision for your health and budget.

Provider approvals

Some providers may be required to approve a switch to a lower-cost prescription. Pharmacy technicians with Rx Savings Solutions may also contact providers’ offices on your behalf to obtain approval.

For more information about Rx Savings Solutions, check out its Frequently Asked Questions page, call 800-268-4476, or send an email to

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