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Five things every new LifeWise member should do

New member? Welcome! Check out these five easy steps to start getting the most out of your LifeWise health plan.
January 4, 2024   |   3 minute read
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Welcome to LifeWise! We’re excited you’re here.  

To get started, here are five things that we recommend as first steps for new members. 

1.  Create an account.

To set up your online account, you will need your member ID number. You can find your member ID number on your first invoice or on your ID card. If you are a returning member and you’ve previously created an account, you do not need to register for another one. An online account gives instant access to plan details, account settings, electronic statements, and bill pay. 

Set up your account

2.  View your primary care provider (PCP).

To view your Primary Care Provider, log in to your online account, select My Account > Primary Care Provider. . On most plans, you’ll get a lower copay when you see your designated PCP (HSA plans subject to deductible and coinsurance). For questions, please visit our Primary Care Provider page. To change your PCP, call customer service at 800-817-3056.

Sign in

3.  Sign up for Autopay.

In your account, select My Account > Make a Payment > Manage Recurring Payments and follow the prompts to automatically pay your monthly premium using a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Only the subscriber on your plan can sign up for autopay.

Set up auto pay

4.  Review your ID card.

Familiarize yourself with the information on your digital member ID card.

See how to read your card

5.  Know what you will pay for care.

The amount you pay depends on your plan’s deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum. This information can be found on your online account under Benefits. 

You may be wondering when you will get your first bill. We will mail you a bill as soon as we receive your enrollment from or process your enrollment. You can learn about paying your first month’s premium and your monthly payment on our Pay Bill page. After you make your first payment, we will send you a digital ID card. A hard copy ID card can be issued upon request. 

Go paperless! 

Opt in for paperless statements via your online account and get your explanation of benefits, invoices, and ID card electronically. Log into your online account, click Welcome in the upper right corner > Settings > Preferences, and select which items you’d like to receive electronically. You can also opt in for paperless statements by calling customer service at 800-817-3056. Paperless statements are secure and easy to access anytime.

Sign in or create an online account

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