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Start your journey on the right foot with a health needs survey

Health needs surveys for new LifeWise members are an important first step on a successful healthcare journey. Find out more.
February 6, 2024   |   2 minute read
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Let’s get to know you. 

At LifeWise, we want you to have the best healthcare coverage experience possible. One way we do that is through our health needs surveys. Personal health needs surveys are one of the most widely used tools in healthcare. The information collected helps carriers, providers, and members collaborate on care, think preventively about health concerns before they become bigger issues, and ensure that the most effective and efficient pathways to care are taken for ongoing health matters.

As a new member, you can expect to receive a survey from LifeWise by email or text. It will only take a few minutes to complete. The information you provide will help us help you navigate successfully through your healthcare experience with LifeWise and with your care providers. 

It’s important to note that our health needs survey is voluntary. Your responses will not change the benefits or coverage you’ve selected in your plan and will not affect your rate or how your claims are paid. 

Health needs surveys and care management with LifeWise are delivered at no extra cost. 

Your personal information will be private, secure, and will only be shared, with your permission, with our care management team.

Next steps

In the survey, if you opt to engage with the LifeWise care management team, a representative will reach out to you by telephone. You’ll discuss a tailored plan based on your personal healthcare needs and get help coordinating care with your primary care provider or with specialty care services as needed. Our care management team can also help you with medication instructions and provide more educational resources on medical conditions. 

Whatever your health goals, the LifeWise care management team is here to help you meet them, no matter the journey or how long it takes. 

Want more details about our health needs surveys or our care management program? Reach out anytime to our LifeWise customer service team.

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