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Go paperless and simplify account management

Opt in for paperless statements on your LifeWise account and enjoy more freedom and flexibility in your plan and care management. See how.
July 10, 2024   |   1 minute read
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Get more freedom and flexibility. Secure important documents. Declutter your home office. Save a tree. 

All are great reasons to opt in for paperless account statements from LifeWise.   

With paperless statements from LifeWise, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to your summary of benefits, invoices, and ID card. Easily find and view all statements right in your account. 

Want to keep a document copy on your desk or laptop? Simply save it to your computer or print the document as needed.   

Mobile-friendly paperless statements are secure, convenient, and can help you cut down on the clutter on your desk and around your home. 

Using less paper is also good for the planet. 

Remember, with an online account you can pay bills, set up automatic payments, review benefits and coverage and easily take care of dozens of other tasks. 

When you opt-in for paperless statements you’ll add even more simplicity to your plan and care management. 

Two ways to opt-in to paperless statements:

    1. Sign in (or create an online account if you haven’t already) and follow the simple steps found on your account page or go to Welcome > Settings > Preferences. Under Preferences, select the information you want to receive emailed notices for when ready.
    2. Call customer service 800-817-3056 and speak to a LifeWise representative directly about opting into paperless today. Contact hours: Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.


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