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Validate your favorite doctors are in your 2024 network

Changing plans during open enrollment? Will your doctor be there on your new plan? Read tips on how to see if your doctor is part of your new LifeWise plan.
December 15, 2023   |   2 minute read

Are you considering changing plans to a new LifeWise health plan for 2024 but already have a doctor you love? To select the right plan during the open enrollment period, check to make sure your doctor is in the network you are considering. It just takes a few seconds. Here’s how.

Start by identifying the network of the plan you are considering or are already enrolled in. There are a few ways to do this. 

If this is a plan you are not yet enrolled in, but are considering for 2024, you can find the network located on the plan summary.

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Check out all the plan summaries for 2024 here.

If you are searching for a new doctor on a plan you are already enrolled in, you can identify your network by checking your member ID card.

LifeWise member ID card example

Once you have identified the network that you are on, or considering, head to the Find A Doctor tool.  Start with the drop-down filter menu and select the network you are considering. Then enter your doctor’s name in the search field. You’ll see results in seconds.

LifeWise find a doctor website tool

Need more help with your plan or finding your doctor? Reach out anytime to our customer service team.

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