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It’s open enrollment time. Why LifeWise?

It’s open enrollment time. See what LifeWise president Kristin Meadows has to say about why you should choose LifeWise for coverage in 2024.
December 6, 2023   |   1 minute read

It’s open enrollment time for health plan coverage that starts in 2024. 

Why choose LifeWise? Kristin Meadows knows the answer. Kristin is the president of LifeWise Health Plan of Washington. In this new video, Kristin offers helpful answers to some of the most popular questions about LifeWise. Watch the video for a clear understanding of what makes LifeWise different, what changes or updates are coming for 2024, how our flexible plans can be tailored to fit your care needs, and the advantages of member-exclusive Kinwell Clinics.  

Oh, and can Kristin strike a pose that looks like the LifeWise logo? Find out. 

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