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LifeWise joins Washington State committee in support of equal access to healthcare

LifeWise supports equal access to healthcare for all Washingtonians. Learn about our important representation on the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.
August 21, 2023   |   3 minute read


LifeWise is pleased to announce the appointment of Miranda Howard, Marketing Communications Consultant II, to the Washington Health Benefit Exchange (WAHBE), Health Equity Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Created by WAHBE 10 years ago in 2013, the Health Equity TAC is comprised of healthcare professionals representing a variety of areas within the industry. 

Since its foundation, the Health Equity TAC has provided guidance on issues including language access, health literacy, cultural sensitivity, and reaching the state’s groups at-risk for obstacles to access (source: Washington HealthPlanFinder).

Image of a smiling Miranda Howard.
Miranda Howard, Marketing Communications Consultant II

What does this mean for our members? 

Healthcare is personal. For individuals who often pay for healthcare out of their own pocket, LifeWise is committed to making healthcare work better. To advance that mission, it means we need to have a focus on language access, health literacy, hard-to-reach populations and other general access to coverage issues. To promote equity, LifeWise wants to be at the heart of where those conversations are happening. To be in a group, working collectively on this important issue with other healthcare leaders from across the state, is a step of action. 

Members of the Health Equity TAC provide experience and professional perspectives and we are proud to support Miranda’s nomination and appointment to the committee.

“I am excited to participate on the WAHBE Health Equity Technical Advisory Committee because it provides a much-needed forum for partnership across payers, providers, the exchange, and community organizations”, says Miranda Howard.

With the opportunity to manage and develop LifeWise’s first ever multi-year Health Equity Strategy, that work is continued today through the Health Equity Committee. The committee was established with a commitment to Washington and Alaska members. Miranda’s work has evolved into leading the strategic approach and tactical efforts for race, ethnicity and language data collection, and our community outreach efforts.

The Health Equity TAC was instrumental in developing the following equity statement, which was adopted unanimously by the Exchange Board: 

Equity is a fundamental pillar to the society we seek to build. The process of advancing toward equity will be disruptive and demands vigilance, dismantling deeply entrenched systems of privilege and oppression. We must focus our efforts on people and places where needs are greatest, especially communities of color, and go beyond remedying a particular inequity to address all determinants of health.

The goal is for all Washingtonians to have full and equal access to opportunities, power and resources to achieve their full potential (source: Washington Health Benefits Exchange).

Effective July 1, 2023 for two years, ending June 30th, 2025, Miranda joins a group of professionals from across the healthcare industry (see full list of committee members). Meetings with the committee are held every other month with agenda and notes listed publicly. For more information, please visit Health Equity Technical Advisory Committee | Washington Health Benefit Exchange (


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