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Need a primary care provider? We’ve got you covered.

Use your assigned primary care provider (PCP) or choose your own. See how your LifeWise health plan has you covered either way.
March 14, 2024   |   2 minute read
Healthcare provider meeting with patient in a clinic setting

If you did not have a primary care provider (PCP) on file when you signed up for your LifeWise health plan, we selected one in your area for you.

Why did we do that?

Getting set with a PCP is the first step in using your new LifeWise health plan and toward getting the most out of it. LifeWise wants you to have a go-to doctor so the next time you are sick, injured, or need preventive care, you know where to go. Plus, you will pay the lowest cost shares when you see your assigned PCP. 

Does this mean you can’t pick your own provider? 

No. With LifeWise, you will always enjoy the freedom to switch to another in-network provider at any time. Keep in mind, with most LifeWise plans you’ll get a lower copay when you see your designated PCP. That’s why it’s important to update your PCP on file if you’d like to select a new one. You can do so by calling customer service at 800-817-3056. Further, as your “home base” for care, you’ll know where to go to get care quickly and when you need it.  

A broad range of care

PCPs are medical experts who cover a lot of healthcare territory, from preventive care to chronic diseases to overall wellness. With proactive screenings and healthy lifestyle planning, PCPs act as your personal guide through your entire healthcare journey. The more you use the same PCP, the better that provider can see and understand your entire health history, identify risks early, and act before they become serious. Want fewer trips to the ER and hospital? (Who doesn’t.) Get close to your PCP. 

If you need to see a specialist, you will not need a referral from your PCP. 

Occasionally, we may need to reassign your PCP. Doctors and providers sometimes move out of network or retire. If that happens, we’ll let you know. It also happens that, on occasion, some PCPs are not accepting new patients. In that case, simply sign in to your LifeWise account, go to the Benefits menu, and select Find A Doctor. 

Remember, you always have the option of choosing your own in-network provider. If you do want to change PCPs, or need any other assistance in choosing a PCP, call our customer service experts at 800-817-3056.

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